Head, Test and Evaluation

  • Formulate and recommend policies and procedures covering the operation of the Unit;
  • Coordinate with the Laboratory Schools, Office of Student Admission and Graduate School regarding the review, revision and modification of admission examinations;
  • Prepare annual budgetary requirement and annual procurement plan for the unit;
  • Spearhead the review, revision and modification of the pre-board examination in coordination with the Dean/Head of the different aid in policy/regulated courses;
  • Collect, consolidate and evaluate data and organize these into data bases to aid in policy/decision making purposes;
  • Prepare periodic accomplishment reports;
  • Coordinate with the concerned Dean/Head/Director the review/modifications of instruments procedures and guidelines on Trade Tests/Certifications;
  • Assist in the review, revision and modification of faculty performance evaluation instrument in coordination with the University HRMO, Deans/Heads and Campus Director; and
  • Perform other functions as may be delegated by superiors.