CLL Rationale and Description of Programs

The University of Rizal System-Center for Lifelong Learning serves as an arm of the University to address the needs of individuals who want take to part in the teaching-learning process but are in need of relevant enhancements, updates on trends and issues in education, skills in the teaching-learning field, and / or holistic development process that will facilitate their journey towards professionalism.

URS- CLL performs the following responsibilities:

(1) Conduct of board review sessions for licensure examinations such as: Civil Service Examinations (CSE), Psychometric Examination, Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), etc.;

(2) Offering of Refresher Courses for teachers who are licensed but have not been into teaching for 5 or more years;

(3) Retooling/ trainings on Pedagogy for teachers who are in the field of education but are non- LET passers;

(5) Offering Short Term Courses such as second majors for teachers in different fields (Pre-school Education, MAPEH, Filipino, Management of Learning Resource Centers/ School Library), and Communication Courses;

(6) Creative assistance to retired and who are about-to-retire teachers on Psycho-socio enhancement or Gerontology, Financial/ Economic trainings, and Volunteerism that will help meet the pre- requisites of deeper desired goals in life as individuals.