Vice President for Academic Affairs


Dr. Allan Evagelista Conde

Dr. Allan Evangelista Conde
Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Vice-President for Academic Affairs is directly responsible to the President for carrying out all educational policies, for implementing all programs and projects of the institution, and for supervising curricular, instructional, and other academic activities in the institution. In addition he/she shall perform the following specific duties and functions:

  • Plan and implement approved plans on academic affairs and programs of the university in coordination with other Division heads, Campus Directors, Deans and Heads of Units;
  •  Assume educational leadership in the academic council;
  • Implement university policies on academic affairs and shall promote the welfare and development of faculty members, Campus Directors, Deans, Heads of units and the students;
  • Manage and supervise all the Campus Directors, Deans of colleges/centers, directors of student services/instruction and all academic units of the university;
  • Recommend to the University President policies on promotion and qualified persons to fill positions in the different offices and units under your supervision;
  • Conduct meetings and conferences with the Campus Directors, Deans, Heads of Units and faculty members; and
  • Perform other functions as may be delegated by the President.