Vice President for Research Development Extension and Production

Dr. Namerod F. Mateo
Vice President for Research Development Extension and Production

The Vice-President for Research, Development, Extension and Production is directly responsible to the University President on matters pertaining to research, extension and production services, non-formal education, training, and income-generating units and activities. In addition, he/she shall perform the following specific duties and functions:

  • Plan and implement approved plans on research, extension and development in coordination with the other Divisions and Units of the College;
  • Implement College policies, thrusts, programs and activities on research and development, extension, and production;
  • Exercise management and supervision functions over personnel in the Division and promote their welfare and development;
  • Tap resources for the promotion of research, development, extension and production;
  • Supervise and coordinate the preparation of the research journal, newsletter and other required reports;
  • Initiate/establish linkages with government and non-government agencies on research and extension projects and programs;
  • Review and recommend for consideration research projects which may be funded from the research fund of the University; and
  • Perform other functions as may be delegated by the University President;