The President


Dr. Nancy Talavera-Pascual

University President


The administration of the University shall be vested in the President who shall render full time service. The powers and duties of the president of the University in addition to those specifically provided for in RA 9157, shall be those usually pertaining to the office of the president of similar universities. He/She shall also perform specific powers and duties as follows:

  • He/She shall have general supervision and control of all business matters as well as all administrative and financial operations of the SUC;
  • He/She shall be ex-officio head of all officers, members of the teaching staff, administrative and all other employees of the institution;
  • He/She shall carry on the general policies lay down by the GB and shall have the power to act within the limits of the said general policies. He/She alone shall direct or assign the details of executive actions;
  • He/She shall have the power to determine and prepare agenda of all meetings of the GB, the Administrative Council and of the Academic Council; provided, however, that any member shall have the right to suggest any matter for inclusion in the agenda;
  • He/She shall preside at commencement exercises and other public affairs of the SUC and confer such degrees and honors as confirmed by the GB. All diplomas and certificates issued by the institution shall be signed by him/her by the College/University Registrar;
  • He/She shall be the official link of communication between the faculty, personnel, and students of the institution on the one hand, and the GB or the Board of Visitors on the other;


  • He/She can appoint competent and qualified persons to fill all vacancies and new positions as delegated by the GB. He/She shall have the authority to fill vacancies temporarily and to make such arrangements as necessary to meet all exigencies that may occur between the meetings of the GB so as not to unduly hamper the operations of the institution;
  • He/She shall have the authority to transfer faculty members and employees from one department or unit of the institution to another in accordance with existing laws and rules subject to the confirmation by the GB;
  • He/She shall hold all officers, faculty and employees of the institution, duty-bound to the full discharge of their respective duties. When necessity arises and in the interest of public service, he/she shall after consultation with the Dean or the Head of Office or Unit concerned, initiate the necessary proceedings for the separation from the service of the erring faculty members or administrative personnel;
  • He/She shall execute and sign, on behalf of the institution all contracts, deeds and all such other instruments necessary for the proper conduct of business of the institution. However, in recurring undertakings and transactions where the action is virtually ministerial, and the conditions and terms for which have been fixed in accordance with the existing regulations of the institution and general laws of the land, the specified cases may be made in his/her behalf, by the officers of the Administration or heads of office or units of the institution, subject to such safeguards as he/she may impose;
  • He/She shall have the general responsibility and final authority over the enforcement of discipline on all faculty and administrative personnel in the institution and over the maintenance of satisfactory academic standards in all its units;
  • He/She may invite from time to time, scholars of eminence, and other persons who have achieved distinction in some learned profession or career, to deliver a lecture or a series thereof, he/she may authorize honoraria for such service, to be taken from the SUCs budgetary allocation at such rates fixed by the GB; and,
  • He/She shall be authorized in case of brief absence, to designate a Vice-President and/or ranking officer of the administration to act as Officer-in-Charge who shall carry out routine management of the institution in his/her name and in accordance to his/her instructions and the policies of the Governing Board.