GAD Services Offered

· Provide technical assistance on GAD mainstreaming and related concerns
· Conduct gender sensitivity training / orientation
· Conduct seminar – workshop on GAD mainstreaming planning and budgeting, gender analysis and tools such as Harmonized GAD Guidelines (HGDG), Gender Mainstreaming, Evaluation Framework (GMEF) and others
· Review GAD plan and budget
· Conduct gender –related research studies
· Assist in strengthening linkage and network among partner agencies and other GAD advocates

· Provide gender – related extension program and project
· Help and assist working parents in taking care of their young ones with social, playing and learning activities


  • Gender and Development Advocacy Intensifies through a More Collaborative Efforts
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  • GAD-sponsored Webinars accentuated
    It is an undeniable fact that Gender and Development mainstreaming is a considerable global major strategy where men and women share the opportunity for equal participation in influencing what is valued in shaping options within society.  It is in consideration of that context that Dr. Wilhelmina Read more...