Intellectual Property Office


Copyrighted 2022


Copyrighted 2022


  • URS- IPO Filed Developed Technologies for Registration
    One of the first learnings by the IP Champions of the University labels that obtaining IP rights is fundamental to securing the commercial success of technologies that are outputs of research and other project development efforts in a number of disciplines. As quoted by Dr. Leo C Rio, Head of the Read more...
  • Rio Gets Invention Patent
    Having complied with the provisions of Republic Act No. 8293 and its regulations, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines Bureau of Patents granted the Letters Patent for an Invention to Dr. Leo Rio, Head, URS Intellectual Property Unit and the URS Production Unit for his device called Read more...
  • URS- IPO Intensifies Certification, Registration of University’s Creation
    The Pandemic season truly posted a lot challenges but one thing good it does is to speed up human creativity and productivity in a way or two since the many stages of quarantine time make people think, create, recreate, innovate and ideate . As a result, people needed to employ sort of a measure Read more...
  • IPO Initiates Joint WebShop on Intellectual Property, Technology Business Management
    The gift of intellectual property is a queer thing. It brings people with great gifts in one hand and helps direct a privileged future on the other hand. This perspective being shared by Dr. Leo C. Rio, Director of Production and concurrent Project Staff 3 of the DOST-PCAARD-special funded project Read more...