URS: A Giant Leap for Tomorrow’s Noblest

Following last year’s successes, the University of Rizal System soars much higher in its quest to provide the University and its stakeholders various instruction, research, production and extension services.

Academic Services

Here at URS, students are provided International Student Exchange Programs that will give them experience relative to their courses in international settings. Some Agriculture students go to Israel and hold their on-the-job training in the country. Others have gone to Malaysia to test and apply their knowledge in different technologies.

Poor but intelligent students are provided scholarships to help them meet the financial requirements for their courses. Such scholarships maybe provided by URS or that is, school-funded, government-funded or provided by parent organizations and private individuals.

Accreditation of 62 programs by the Accrediting Agencies of Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP)is also done to achieve quality education. This also includes other 13 programs recently accredited by AACCUP and 44 other programs evaluated by the Regional Quality Assurance (RQAT) Team of the CHED, 10 of which are already recognized. To cite, the University registered high passing percentages among its Engineering graduates. Recently, it had registered topnotch passers in Civil Engineering at rank 6 and a second place in the Electronics Technician examinations. This adds to the roster of other topnotch examiners in previous years in different categories or specializations.

Likewise, staff and faculty are being sent abroad to visit other schools and share their expertise there. To cite, some go to Vietnam for English Studies Exchange Program, Information Technology Exchange Program and Business Administration Exchange Program. Also, they are provided scholarships which help them be updated and gain advance knowledge relative to their teaching specializations.

Facilities undergo annual inspection and improvement if needed. New equipment are purchased and others get rehabilitated if needed.

The faculty also shares the highlights in local and international research presentations as well as publications of researches they have undertaken.