University Seal


Map of Rizal The service area and location of the University
Rope The people from all walks of life who support and ideally carry the name of the University in mind, heart and in deeds
Pillar The school as a citadel of learning providing knowledge and guidance developing values and shedding light on the minds and hearts of the learners
Diploma The achievement for all the efforts of the students, the parents, the staff, Administration, the alumni and the community to attain quality education
Gear The technology innovations which unify and facilitate the operational management of the University as a system
Orbit Shows the continuous development of the individual as a learner and the University as an avenue of community development and nation building. It also symbolizes excellence in the four-fold functions of the University as Instruction, Research, Community and Extension
Leaves The aim of the University for academic excellence and progress. Furthermore, it exhibits the component of agriculture as an instrument in the upliftment of productivity and the quality of life of the people
2001 The year when Republic Act No. 9157 lapsed into law
Globe The challenges of global education
Wide space The prospects of the University in providing relevant and responsive course offerings and community service