Review Process

The journal will follow the double-blind review process to ensure the impartiality and quality of the paper. The process will flow this way:

1. The manuscript will be sent to two expert reviewers. They will be asked to comment and write their valuable insights regarding the paper.

2. Final recommendation will be asked to the experts with the following considerations:

        a) Publish without revision

        b) Publish with minor revisions

       c) Publish with major revisions

        d) Do not Publish

3. Feedback from the experts will be relayed to the researchers.

4. Immediate publication will be granted to the papers which earned the approval of the two experts without revision, while papers that earned the approval of the two experts with minor revisions will be sent back to the researchers for compliance. Once complied, the paper will be published without giving back to the experts. 

5. Papers which demand major revisions will be sent to the researchers and upon compliance will be given back to the experts. For papers that were reviewed but with the remark “not publishable” will be encouraged to submit to other journals or revisit the study for possible correction and publication in the future.

6. In case the two experts have different recommendations, the Editor-in-chief and the Associate Editors will have the power to decide for the benefit of the paper.