Writeshop on Packaging Research for URS Journal Held

The URS Research Development, Extension and Production (RDEP) division recently held the Writeshop on Packaging Paper for URS    Research Journal, the Official Multidisciplinary Refereed Research Publication of the University, at the Audio-visual Education Center (AVEC) on   February 18.

The writeshop aimed to provide the URS Graduate School (GS) students and alumni an avenue where they can be assisted in improving and packaging their theses, dissertations, and other initiated research into publishable papers following the format of the University. This also aimed to continuously publish researches that serve impact in terms of knowledge and technology transfer that drive increased productivity in the name of functional education through publication in the URS Research Journal.

The activity was participated in by URS GS students and alumni, URS Research Journal editorial board and staff, and consultants. The resource speaker is Dr. Niclie Tiratira, Director, URS Research Division. ~abc