URS Braces for COVID – 19

True to its mission to nurture and produce upright and competent graduates, the University of Rizal System in Rizal has come up with different strategies in time with the COVID – 19 pandemic.

Having confirmed the first COVID patient in the country, the Health Services Unit of the University conducted a series of orientation and health teaching about Coronavirus (COVID-19). An orientation was held in the ten (10) campuses of the University.

Leaflets, posters, and visual presentations were provided for an additional and clearer understanding of the virus. Faculty, staff,   students, and alumni came up with their own infographics and awareness materials. Medical assistance and monitoring were and are still being extended through online consultation.

Alternative modes of learning were adopted to supplement contact hours lost during the lockdown.

Knowing the possible effects of the COVID crisis among individuals, a “Psycho-social First Aid (PFA) sponsored by the Registered Social Workers (RSW) in the Province of Rizal” was held at URS in its Rodriguez  Campus, the seat of Social Work courses in the University in March.

An extension project on the production of washable face masks for distribution among the constituents of Pililla/Tanay for use during the outbreak was done. Students, staff, faculty members and alumni were also involved in community sharing and donations.

To sustain University operations and to cater to the needs of the time, the University crafted policies to aid the URS personnel, students, the community and the stakeholders in general during the time of COVID.

Below is the summary of the University initiatives relative to COVID: orientation on COVID – 19, 10;  production of infographics, 21; use of alternative teaching modes, 36; psychosocial first aid, 7 counselees; production of washable masks, 2000; submission of community extension proposals to CHED, 2; community involvement, 6; and, crafted policies, 17.