High URS Performance in 2021 Licensure Exams Noted

The University of Rizal System (URS) takes pride as examinees of the University post high performance rating in the recently released licensure examinations in civil, electrical, electronics, agriculture and biosystems engineering, agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

A perfect 100% passing rate over the 62.44% national passing rate was achieved by the examinees in the Electrical Engineering licensure examinations from the URS – Morong campus with all the three test takers passing the test. They are Engr. Bengel Pamplona, Engr. Lance Michael Lacdao and Engr. Shadd Robin Magtibay.

A high 71.43 % over the 36.45 national passing rate was recorded by the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering test takers from the URS – Tanay Campus when 5 out of 7 examinees passed the test. They are Engr. Angelo M. Din, Engr. Cynthia M. Cayat, Engr. Jay S. Mulato, Engr. Jean Paul G. Quirino and Engr. Mary Rose M. Vasquez.

The URS Morong Civil Engineering licensure examination takers registered a 7 out of 11 or 63.64% passing over the national passing rate of 36.70% in the person of Kriztel Ann Braza, Ronald De Castro, Shaznaye Dizon, Czarina Coleen Matic, Rafael Picones, Jacy Maricor Reabad and Grace Temple. Also, a total of 4 out of 5 or 80% passing rate for the electronics engineering licensure exam over the national passing percentage of 47.88% and 2 out of 2 or 100% passing rate over the national passing rate of 75.77% for the electronics technician licensure examinations was registered. The new electronics engineers and technicians are Maeve Markgraf Hubilla, Ghinee Marie Marcelino, Ritzmon Paulo Oliquiano and Jose Michael San Juan while the new electronics technicians are Allyza Kyle Baliat and Ghinee Marie Marcelino.

Meanwhile, the forester examinees of the URS – Tanay Campus registered a 60% passing rate over the national passing rate of 58.21%. The newly licensed foresters are For. Benjay D.C. Baylon, For. Dave Rex M. Obtial and For. Jayrome R. Recio.

Along these, the Bachelor of Fisheries examinees from the URS – Cardona Campus got a 22.22% passing rate over the national passing rate of 29.25%. They are Marie Angelica Aragon and Aries Morga.

Licensure examinations for agriculturists posted a 44.44% passing rate for URS – Tanay and another passer from URS – Rodriguez. They are Aimee Edma, Amiel Malimban, Jairam Carlo Matawaran, and Donato Martinez.

The Electrical Engineering examinations was held on September 5-6 while the Agriculural and Biosystems Engineer licensure examination was held on September 29-30. The electronics engineering and electronics technician examinations were held on October 24 – 25 and October 26, respectively, while the civil engineering examinations was held on November 14 – 15. The Forester licensure examination was held on    October 20-21while the Fisheries licensure examinations was held on October 6-7 with the Agriculturist board examinations conducted on November 9-11. //