The University of Rizal System and the International Association of Youth and Students for Peace (IAYSP) organized a three-day event called “Nature’s Breath, Education, and Innovative Research Development and Demonstration Hub” (NBEIRDD) to celebrate International Youth Day in 2023. The event took place at the URS Morong Campus on August 22-24.

Mr. Rene Lansangan, the President of IAYSP Pilipinas, led a group of 15 Korean students and 7 staff members to join 15 Filipino students in various activities. The first phase of the project involved renovating the “KUBO” near the RDEP Center. The South Korean participants and URS student leaders were responsible for the renovation. Other activities included mural painting, planting, and soil cultivation.

The URS-YSP NBEIRDD Hub is a platform for interdisciplinary and  multi-stakeholder collaboration. It connects students, academics, practitioners, and the wider community for collaborative applied research aimed at advancing scalable urban biodiversity ideas, policies, and actions. The main goal is to empower individuals and communities in the process. // embr