Tia Invents Mosquito Attractant from Plant Extract

By: Janelle Faulve, Ella Mae B. Ramos

Prof. Eugene Tia, Head of Food Analytical and Research Services Laboratory (FARSL), invented the “Process of Producing Mosquito Attractant with Plant Extract and the Product Thereof” and was granted the Letters Patent Invention by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) – Bureau of Patents for July 14, 2023 until October 12, 2040.

The patent grants the holder the right to restrain and prohibit any unauthorized person or entity from making, using, offering for sale, selling, or importing the product and importing any product obtained directly or indirectly from such process. This exclusivity serves as a strong motivator to devote skills to innovative projects in addition to acting as a safeguard for the products of intellectual effort while acting as a powerful incentive for investing time, resources, and expertise into groundbreaking endeavors.  

“Obtaining a patent is an accomplishment as it is not something that is often done, and the inventive stages are difficult to complete,” said Prof. Tia. He added that they are also working on a utility model related to that invention, “The invention presents an exceptional opportunity with vast potential. It marks a significant breakthrough and opens doors to innovation and progress.”

Prof. Leo Rio, Head of URS Intellectual Property Office (IPO), added, “Mosquitoes carry various diseases that can lead to fatal effects on humans, including dengue, malaria, and elephantiasis. It is the reason why Prof. Eugene Tia has ventured into inventing a technology to prevent diseases caused by mosquitoes in the form of an attractant that lures and eventually eliminates them. With several trials to determine the leaf extract’s odor efficiency, Prof. Tia developed an environment-friendly mosquito habitat. The odor of the Taguilinao plant leaves and leaf extract is familiar to mosquitoes, making it easy to lure and trap them.” He added, “On behalf of the URS-IP Office, let me congratulate Prof. Tia for his innovative approach to producing a mosquito repellent from plant extract, a novel formulation incorporating Tagulinao leaves as a mosquito trapping device. The technology can potentially create another income-generating initiative for the University in the near future. In addition, transferring it to a potential business partner for adoption can lead to collaboration for commercialization. There is no doubt that Prof. Tia’s technology will go further as it will serve as one of the University’s assets. Once again, I am congratulating Prof. Eugene Tia.”