Mercado, Dejarlo Cop Guronasyon Plum

Fourteen from a total of 42 elementary, secondary, and tertiary school teachers, school heads, and personnel from the DepEd City Schools Division of Antipolo and the Division of Rizal, University of Rizal System, and the TESDA Rizal Office were chosen for being the best in their respective categories during the annual Guronasyon Awards held on December 1.

The contestants underwent a rigid selection process consisting of a local search, selection, and nomination, review of qualifications, and interview of finalists. The contenders were judged based on their personal qualities and character, instructional competence and teaching effectiveness, and, professional and community involvement. The result of the final judging was comprised of 50% from the local search, selection, and nomination, and 50% from the final judging. Guronasyon honored the teachers and heads by presenting them with the following awards: Most Outstanding Elementary School Teacher, Most Outstanding Secondary School Teacher, Most Outstanding Elementary School Principal, Most Outstanding Secondary School Principal, Most Outstanding Tek-Bok Trainer, Most Outstanding Tek-Bok Administrator, Most Outstanding College Faculty, and Most Outstanding Academic Head.

Dr. Florante Mercado, Campus Director of URS-Rodriguez Campus, won the Most Outstanding Academic Head while Dr. Jenisus Dejarlo of the College of Education, URS-Morong Campus, won the Most Outstanding Faculty. // AB Campo