List of Newly Acquired Library Resources


Call No. Author Title Publish Year
Bf121.G4751 Ella Gill General Psychology 2019
BF637.H6886 Sean Hodges Guidance And Counselling 2019
BF698.B8851 Chasity Browning Personality Development, Motivation and Leadership 2020
G133.M4788 Steven Mcgrath Geography: Realms, Regions And Concepts 2019
G155.A1.A472 Arnold Alvarado Accommodation Management and Tourism 2020
G155.A1.C1721 Candy Camacho Hotel Industry and Tourism 2020
G155.A1.C1871 Oliver Campbell Basic Tourism 2019
G155.A1.C818 Joe Cornish Aviation and Tourism 2020
G155.A1.G4481 Jonathan Gibson Current Issues and Emerging Trends in Tourism 2020
G155.A1.H489 Emily Hemmings Hotel Management and Related Subjects 2020
G155.A1.M1651 Andrew Macleod Global Hospitality And Tourism Management Technologies 2019
G155.A1.N551 Richard Newman Hospitality Services Travel And Tourism Industry 2019
G155.A1.N551 Yvonne Newman Tourism Policy, Demand Trends And Globalisation 2019
G155.A1.P2671 Hannah Parsons Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism Management Issues 2020
G156.5.E26.S6131 Richard Simpson Ecotourism: A Sustainable Option 2020
GB54.5.N8641 Liam North Physical Geography : Introduction To Earth 2019
GF41.A954 Victoria Avery Handbook Of Human Geography 2019
H62.P357 Leonard Peake Qualitative Data Analysis; An Introduction 2019
H97.W87283 Lora Wong Policy Analysis and Policy Studies 2020
HB172.J762 Luke Jones Microeconomics: Principles Applications And Tools 2019
HD1415.P1237 Amos Padilla Introduction to Agricultural Development 2020
HD30.23.G7991 Joe Greene Concepts Of Decision Support Systems 2019
HD30.28.J81 Kevin Joppie Strategic Management 2019
HD30.3.P258 Deirdre Parr Corporate Communication and Marketing Management 2020
HD30.4.O343 Jacob Ogden Introduction To Business Research 2019
HD38.5.A6279 Anthelme Supply Chain Networking 2019
HD60.5.T389 Theodoula A Textbook On Corporate Social Responsibility 2019
HD61.A462 Sue Alsop Principles Of Risk Management 2019
HD69.P75.M2832 Peter Manning Introduction To Project Management 2019
HD9450.Z36 Leily Zare A Textbook On Aquaculture Economics 2019
HF1416.D2521 Jack Davidson Essentials Of International Marketing 2019
HF5387.B9851 William Butler Introduction To Business Ethics 2019
HF5415.13.J124 Nathan Jackson Globalisation And Marketing Management 2019
HF5415.2.L273 Theresa Langdon Marketing Research Measurement, Method And Application 2019
HF5415.32.B6271 Sarah Black Research Process in Consumer Behaviour and Decision Making 2020
HF5415.5.C1821 Andrea Cameron Introduction To Customer Relationship Management 2019
HF5429.Y48 Yetunde A. Retail Marketing Management 2019
HF5548.32.F766 Georgia Fouka E-Commerce : Modern Platform 2019
HF5548.8.C3111 Abigail Carr Modern Industrial Psychology 2020
HF5549.D2551 Lauren Davies Human Resource Management: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities 2020
HF5549.H3251 Liam Hart Human Resource And Personnel Management 2019
HF5549.L6731 Matt Lewis Advanced Human Resource Management 2019
Hf5549.M4788 Chloe McDonald Human Resource Planning and Personnel Management 2020
HF5635.B1811 Deena Baldwin Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 2020
HF5635.M4788 William Mcgrath Basics Of Financial Accounting 2019
HF5635.S7695 Pippa Springer Financial Accounting and Budget Statement 2020
HF5686.C8.O343 Kylie Ogden Cost System, Auditing and Management Accounting 2020
HF5823.P296 Lily Paterson Advertising Marketing and Management 2020
HF5823.W1772 Julian Walker Creativity in Advertising Management and Production 2020
HG40.26.I587 Masao Inoue Corporate Financial Management 2019
HG4026.N597 Nicholas Financial Management And Accounting System 2019
HG4026.S4431 Sebastian Financial Management: Theory And Practice 2019
HG4521.A5451 John Anderson Investment Management in Capital Market and Credit Management 2020
HG4521.J721 Phil Johnston Investment Management-Theory And Application 2019
HG4521.K741 Sue Knox Basics Of Investing 2019
HG4523.S6131 William Simpson Introduction To Capital Markets And Investments 2019
HM623.L6731 Evan Lewis Cultural Studies 2020
HV40.B4931 Eduardo Berg An Introduction to Social Work 2020
HV40.H6886 Sally Hodges Social Work And Community Development 2019
HV40.P3461 Wanda Payne Social Work Concerns And Challenges In The 21 Century 2019
HV551.2.G4481 Joshua Gibson Introduction To Disaster Management 2019
JA71.B9241 William Buckland Political Science: An Introduction 2019
JA71.T891 Ruth Tucker History Of Political Theory 2019
JC319.G7951 Felecia Green Geopolitics and Political Geography 2020
JF1351.C6921 Colin Coleman An Introduction To Public Administration 2019
JF51.B2892 Suzanne Bartlett Comparative Politics 2020
JZ1242.M9595 Chandra Mullins International Relations 2020
KPM2832.M1533 Peter Mackay Income Tax-Theory Law And Practice 2019
LA13.V2221 Fiona Vance History of Education 2020
LA832.W9471 Charles Wright Higher Education 2020
LA91.R5731 Christopher Riley Philosophy of Education 2020
LA91.W4391 Joanne Welch Modern Philosophical Issues In Education 2019
LB1025.3.O484 Colin Oliver Effective Teaching And Learning: An Advanced Theory 2019
LB1028.3.H6451 Tracey Hill Technology Challenges In Curriculum And Principles In Educational Technology 2019
LB1028.W9471 Cameron Wright Educational Research 2020
LB1051.B6361 James Blake Advance Educational Psychology 2019
LB1051.M1651 Brandon MacLeod Educational Psychology 2020
LB1051.N787 Andrew Nolan Educational Psychology 2019
LB1055.D548 Chloe Dickens Teaching & Learning In Higher Education: Principles And Practice 2019
LB1139.25.U561 Liam Underwood Early Childhood Education 2020
LB17.C613 Connor Clarkson Foundation Of Education 2019
LB1727.P3461 Jake Payne Teacher Education 2020
LB2805.E797 Georgina Estes Administrative Theory 2020
LB2806.15.P6651 Sam Piper Curriculum: An Introduction 2020
LB2806.M8471 Boris Morgan Model For Educational Management Information System 2019
LB885.R353 Jasmine Reid Educational Philosophies 2020
LC5805.P357 Justin Peake Distance Education 2020
MT6.C5.B9551 Donna Burgess Why Classical Music Still Matters: A Modern Approach 2019
P106.C5921 Eric Clark Handbook Of Philosophy Of Language 2019
P21.A462 Owen Alsop Handbook Of Linguistics 2019
PE1111.M1351 Steven MacDonald The English Language and Linguistics Companion 2020
PE1128.M8781 Julia Morrison Grammar In English Learning 2019
PE1133.A417 Jake Allan An Outline of English Phonetics 2020
PE1421.T3291 Fiona Terry Language And Literature Development And English Linguistic 2019
PE1449.G7991 Steven Greene All About Words: An Adult Approach to Vocabulary Building 2020
PE1460.S9661 Ella Sutherland Correct your Common Errors in English 2020
PL4601.H3131 Rachel Harris Languages And Linguistics – Theory Of Pragmatics Analysis 2019
PN45.C1871 Sean Campbell Understanding Literary 2019
PN4785.V364 Luke Vaughan Journalism In The New Millennium 2019
PN6014.D9961 Kevin Dyer Handbook Of Literature 2019
PN86.B3682 Darrel Beard Literary Criticism 2020
PN86.G5661 Carol Glover History And Principles Of Literary Criticism 2019
PR25.B9741 Jeffrey H. Burton History And Significance Of English Literature 2019
PR25.U561 Piers Underwood Backgrounds To English Literature 2019
PS507.T813 Carla Trevino American Literature 2020
Q180.55.R353 Liam Reid Research Methodology: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners 2019
QA11.H683 Iva De
Witt – Hoblit
Basics Of Mathematics 2019
QA152.3.K996 Shojiro Kyotani A Basic Course In Algebra And Calculas 2019
QA154.3.E477 Simon Ellison Advanced Algebra Trigonometry 2019
QA154.P258 Warren Parr Algebra And Number Theory: An Integrated Approach 2019
QA184.2.T8826 Hiroyuki Tsuchiya A Textbook On Linear Algebra 2019
QA241.O343 Blake Ogden Introduction To Number Theory And Algebra 2019
QA276.12.B4331 Nathan Bell Introduction To Statistics 2019
QA276.12.E2427 Isaac Edmunds Fundamentals Of Statistics 2019
QA303.G7611 Christian Grant Introduction To Calculus 2019
QA303.H489 Warren
Applied Calculus 2019
QA304.P357 Anna Peake Advanced Differential Calculus 2019
QA76.27.S6131 Trevor Simpson Computer Science Education 2020
QA76.6.J272 Connor James Advance Data Structure And Dynamic Programming In Analysis Techniques 2019
QA76.73.P98.B338 Amelie Baud Introduction To Python Programming 2019
QA76.9.A25.N551 Gavin Newman Concepts Of Information Assurance 2019
QA805.N8641 Nicholas North Classical Mechanics And Thermodynamics 2019
QC21.3.M245 Atupele Malema Introduction To Physics I 2019
QC21.3.S9681 Ichiro Suzaki Physics I: Mechanics, Thermodynamics And Waves 2019
QD251.2.C2897 Dorothy Carney Organic Chemistry 2020
QD31.M8471 Simon Morgan Fundamentals Of Chemistry 2019
QD466,A417 Anna Allan Chemical Elements, Compounds And Reaction 2019
QH308.2.M3671 Carolyn Marshall Biology – The Science For Life 2019
QH541.15.D745 Joe Dowd Biodiversity: Social And Ecological Perspectives 2019
QK49.W3371 Austin Watson Plants And Herbs 2019
QP141.O484 Edward Oliver Handbook Of Nutrition And Good Health 2019
QP34.5.H779 Jita G. Hoogerduijn A Textbook On Anatomy & Physiology 2019
QP34.5.N248 Bernadette Nash Anatomy And Physiology In Animals 2019
QP360.B1541 Stephanie Bailey Advanced Principles Of Physiological Psychology 2019
QP514.2.C5921 Claire Clark Biochemistry: A Handbook Of Knowledge 2019
R454.G6332 Cliff Gomez Abnormal Psychology: Theory and Practice 2020
RC467.C1821 Warren Cameron Clinical Psychology: Assessment, Treatment and Research 2020
RC467.F1991 Jun Yu Fan Fundamentals Of Clinical Psychology 2019
RM300.G7381 Oliver Graham Introducing Pharmacology For Nursing And Healthcare 2019
RT51.Y681 Adrian Young Critical Nursing Process, Treatment and Patient Care 2020
RT82.8.B9851 Deirdre Butler Advanced Practice Nursing: An Integrative Approach 2019
S494.5.B563.F3521 Darrin Ferguson Agricultural Breeding and Biotechnology 2020
S596.M8781 Michelle Morrison Soil Management and Manuring 2020
S675.S9661 Kylie Sutherland Agricultural Farm Machinery- Wind Energy And Wind Power 2019
SB119.C7761 Tammi Cooper Plant Protection and Pest Management 2020
SF75.3.R6431 Charles Roberts Livestock Management In Farming And Feeding System 2019
SH159.C613 Anthony
Fish Culture And Nutrition Science 2019
SH667.M6471 Warren Miller Modern Aquaculture 2020
T385.O482 Manuela Oliveira Handbook On Autocad 2014 2019
T57.6.C1821 Cameron Operations Research: The Basics 2019
T58.5.I36 Gabrielle Ince Handbook Of Information Communication Technology 2019
TA403.D743 Albert Dovonou Materials Science And Engineering:A Handbook, Eighth Edition 2019
TA407.4.M513 Anne Visser Meily Strength Of Materials 2019
TA545.P9825 Anthony Pullman Surveying And Levelling 2019
TD192.5.J661 Deana Johnson Environmental Biotechnology 2020
TK5105.59.K741 Thomas Knox Hacking Exposed : Complete Cyber Security Course 2019
TK5105.888.I83 Sobhy Ismaiel Web Development And Designing Using Javascript 2019
TP248.2.R8451 Spencer Roth Basics of Biotechnology 2020
TP370.H2511 Lyman Hanson Food Processing Biotechnology Applications 2020
TP371.2.A5451 Andrea Anderson Principles Of Food Process And Preservation 2019
TP492.M6848 D. D. Mitsikostas Refrigeration And Air Conditioning 2019
TX353.G4481 Bella Gibson Food Science and Human Nutrition 2020
TX551.B9551 Olivia Burgess Handbook Of Foods 2019
TX820.B7864 Jessica Bower Food Production 2019
TX911.3.M27.C1821 Andrew Cameron Theories Of Hotel Management 2019
TX911.3.M27.F5331 Keith Fisher Managing Front Office Operations 2020
TX911.3.M27.H6886 Christian Hodges Understanding Hotel Management And Its Operations 2019
TX911.3.M27.M6471 Andrea Miller Food And Beverage Management 2019
TX911.B9851 Dominic Butler Applied Facilities Management For The Hospitality Industry 2019


Gale E-Books
Call No. Author Title Copyright Year
B53 .P375 Pascal, Ana-Maria Narratives and the Role of Philosophy in Cross-Disciplinary Studies: Emerging Research and Opportunities 2018
B59.S63 Soames, Scott. The World Philosophy Made: From Plato to the Digital Age 2019
CB361 .R46 2017 Michael Shally-Jensen(editor) Renaissance & Early Modern Era (1308 2018
D203 .E527 2017 Kelly Roscoe(editor) The End of the Middle Ages 2018
D246 .E47 2018 Kelly Roscoe(editor) The Emergence of Modern Europe 2018
DG311 .F34 2017 Kelly Roscoe(editor) The Fall of the Roman World and the Rise of Christianity 2018
DG445 .I74 2018 Kelly Roscoe(editor) The Italian and Northern Renaissance 2018
G143 Duram, Leslie A. Environmental Geography: People and the Environment 2018
GE196 .P75 Principles of Sustainability 2018
HB801 .E84 Ebtihaj Ahmad Al-A’ali and Meryem Masmoudi(editor) Ethical Consumerism and Comparative Studies Across Different Cultures: Emerging Research and Opportunities 2020
HD30.2 .I465 Francisco Liébana-Cabanillas, et al. (editors) Impact of Mobile Services on Business Development and E-Commerce 2020
HD45 .O68 Efosa C. Idemudia (editor) Handbook of Research on Social and Organizational Dynamics in the Digital Era 2020
HD45 .R275 Rao, N. Raghavendra Effective Open Innovation Strategies in Modern Business: Emerging Research and Opportunities, Business Science Reference 2018
HD57.7 .C3726  Ivonne Chirino-Klevans(editor) Cases on Global Leadership in the Contemporary Economy 2020
HD57.7 .M395218 McArthur-Blair, Joan, and Jeanie Cockell Building Resilience with Appreciative Inquiry: A Leadership Journey through Hope, Despair, and Forgiveness 2018
HD7261 .B967 Bush, Michael C. A Great Place to Work For All: Better for Business. Better for People. Better for the World 2018
HF1359 .C3893 Luís A. V. Catão and Maurice Obstfeld (editors) Meeting Globalization’s Challenges: Policies to Make Trade Work for All 2019
HF5413 .G7256 Vannie Naidoo and Rahul Verma(editor) Green Marketing as a Positive Driver Toward Business Sustainability 2020
HF5636 .P75 Principles of Business: Accounting 2018
HG179 Doyle, Kenneth O Financial Literacy for Generation Z: A Practical Guide to Managing Your Financial Life 2019
JZ1242 .S235 Andreas Gofas, et al.(editors) The SAGE Handbook of the History, Philosophy and Sociology of International Relations 2018
KF4850 LeMay, Michael C. Homeland Security: A Reference Handbook 2018
LA210 .E38 Beryl Watnick(editor) Education Today: Issues, Policies & Practices 2018
LB1025.3 Schmoker, Mike Focus: Elevating the Essentials to Radically Improve Student Learning 2018
LB1027.43 Boss, Suzie, and John Larmer. Project Based Teaching: How to Create Rigorous and Engaging Learning Experiences 2018
LB1028.3 Ivers, Karen S Using Technology to Support High-Impact Educational Practice 2019
LB1028.5 .H3144 Hamilton, Boni Integrating Technology in the Classroom: Tools to Meet the Needs of Every Student, 2nd ed 2018
LB1028.5 .O69 Ormiston, Meg, et al. NOW! Classrooms, Grades 3-5: Lessons for Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Technology 2018
LB1072 Frey, Nancy, et al. All Learning Is Social and Emotional: Helping Students Develop Essential Skills for the Classroom and Beyond 2019
LB1570 .B836 Brown, Susannah, and Rina Bousalis Curriculum Integration in Contemporary Teaching Practice: Emerging Research and Opportunities 2018
LB1576 .E528 Paulette Joyce Feraria(editor) English Language Teaching in a Post-Method Paradigm 2019
LB1590.3 .S785 Stobaugh, Rebecca Fifty Strategies to Boost Cognitive Engagement: Creating a Thinking Culture in the Classroom 2019
LB1707 .B43 Tichnor-Wagner, Ariel, et al. Becoming a Globally Competent Teacher 2019
LB1707.R64 Rock, Marcia L. The eCoaching Continuum for Educators: Using Technology to Enrich Professional Development and Improve Student Outcomes 2019
LB1775 MIeliwocki, Rebecca, and Joseph Fatheree Adventures in Teacher Leadership: Pathways, Strategies, and Inspiration for Every Teacher 2019
LB2805 Fullan, Michael, and Lyle Kirtman Coherent School Leadership: Forging Clarity from Complexity 2019
LB2832.2.B47 Berg, Jill Harrison Leading in Sync: Teacher Leaders and Principals Working Together for Student Learning 2018
LB2864.5 Klinger, Amy, and Amanda Klinger Keeping Students Safe Every Day: How to Prepare for and Respond to School Violence, Natural Disasters, and Other Hazards 2018
LB3013 .M378 Maynard, Nathan, and Brad Weinstein Hacking School Discipline: 9 Ways to Create a Culture of Empathy and Responsibility Using Restorative Justice 2019
LB3051 .P38 Pearsall, Glen Fast and Effective Assessment: How to Reduce Your Workload and Improve Student Learning 2018
LC1091 .R63 Ribble, Mike, and Marty Park The Digital Citizenship Handbook for School Leaders: Fostering Positive Interactions Online 2019
ML3470 Perone, James E. Listen to Pop!: Exploring a Musical Genre 2018
ML3534 Perone, James E. Listen to New Wave Rock! Exploring a Musical Genre 2018
N85 .O647 Onuscheck, Mark, et al. The New Art and Science of Teaching Art and Music 2019
PE1449 .E54 Booth, Thomas English Vocabulary Builder 2018
PN4867.2 .M33 Madison, Ed, and Ben DeJarnette Reimagining Journalism in a Post-Truth World: How Late-Night Comedians, Internet Trolls, and Savvy Reporters Are Transforming News 2018
PS374.M44 Richmond, Kia Jane Mental Illness in Young Adult Literature: Exploring Real Struggles through Fictional Characters 2019
Q181 .H935 Huling, Milton, and Jackie Speake Dwyer Designing Meaningful STEM Lessons 2018
QA11.2 .B673 Boston, Melissa, et al. Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching to Inform Instructional Quality 2019
QA11.2 .L342 Lang-Raad, Nathan D., and Robert J. Marzano The New Art and Science of Teaching Mathematics 2019
QA21.H575 Nicholas Faulkner and Erik Gregersen  (editors) The History of Mathematics 2018
QA28.A534 Nicholas Faulkner and William L. Hosch  (editors) Algebra and Trigonemetry 2018
QA300.A54919 Nicholas Faulkner and Erik Gregersen  (editors) Analysis and Calculus 2018
QA41.4 Sammons, Laney Teaching Students to Communicate Mathematically 2018
QA445.5 .G445 Nicholas Faulkner and William L. Hosch  (editors) Geometry 2018
QC861.3 .P75 Richard Renneboog(editor) Principles of Climatology 2018
QH315 Kloser, Matthew, and Sophia Grathwol Reading Nature: Engaging Biology Students With Evidence From the Living World 2018
QH75 Randall, Jan A. Endangered Species: A Reference Handbook 2018
QK603.5.E93 Louise Eaton and Kara Rogers (editors) Examining Fungi and Protists 2018
RC554 .M223 Maass, Vera Sonja Personality Disorders: Elements, History, Examples, and Research, Praeger 2019
RS164 .M3545 Namrita Lall (editor) Medicinal Plants for Holistic Health and Well-Being 2018
S493.P75 Richard Renneboog  (editor) Principles of Modern Agriculture 2019
S627.C58 S65 Soil Management and Climate Change: Effects on Organic Carbon, Nitrogen Dynamics, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2018
TD878 .S655 Armando C. Duarte, et al.(editors) Soil Pollution: From Monitoring to Remediation 2018
TK5105 .A355 Debashis Saha (editor) Advances in Data Communications and Networking for Digital Business Transformation 2018
TK5105.59.C364 Caravelli, Jack, and Nigel Jones Cyber Security: Threats and Responses for Government and Business 2019
TK5105.8857 .L53 Liberg, Olof, et al. Cellular Internet of Things: Technologies, Standards, and Performance 2018
TP374 .F686 Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu and Alina Maria Holban (editors) Food Packaging and Preservation 2018
TS171.95 R63 Robinson, Peg 3D Materials and Construction Possibilities 2018
Z679.7 .C68 Cowick, Carmen Crash Course in Disaster Preparedness 2018
Sharos, Andrew All 4s and 5s: A Guide to Teaching and Leading Advanced Placement Programs 2018
Graduate Programs in the Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Agricultural Sciences, the Environment & Natural Resources 2019, 53rd ed 2018
Fisher, Michael, and Elizabeth Fisher Hacking Instructional Design: 33 Extraordinary Ways to Create a Contemporary Curriculum 2018
Ellwein, Darren, and Derek L. McCoy The Revolution: It’s Time to Empower Change in Our Schools 2019