1. The URS Library Audio Visual Center is exclusive to URS Faculty, Students and Staff use.
  2. Use is subject to AV Center hours and availability.
  3. Reservation shall be made a week before the viewing date.
  4. Audio Visual room can only accommodate 15-20 individuals, for large group viewing, the use of Campus Audio-Visual Room is encouraged.
  5. The use of the Audio Visual Center is for educational purposes only. Viewing of pornographic films is not allowed.
  6. Audio-Visual materials are for library/AVR use only. Materials must be returned right after the viewing period.
  7. Duplication of any Audio-Visual material is strictly prohibited.
  8. Equipment malfunction should be reported immediately to the person in-charge
  9. Proper decorum should be observed at all times.
  10. Eating, drinking and sleeping are prohibited.