1. To avail of the Library Services, an employee must first enroll in the database with the assistance of Library Personnel. The Campus Librarian/Library-in-Charge must coordinate to their Campus Human Resource Management Officer to determine if the employee-borrower is a bonafide employee of the University.
  1. A faculty/staff member who wants to borrow a book either for photocopying, classroom use, overnight loan or home reading should borrow the material personally at the library subject to the specific guidelines applicable to the different modes on borrowing. He/She should sign the book card and present it to the Campus Librarian/Library-in-Charge.
  1. A maximum of three (3) non-reserves or not in demand books can be borrowed for a week. Failure to return the books on the due date will mean a fine of P20.00 per day per book.
  1. Only one (1) book from the reserve collection can be borrowed at a time. For overnight use, the book should be borrowed from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm and it should be returned before 9:00 am on the following day. Failure to abide by this rule would mean fine of Php 20.00 per hour; computation of fines will be based on the office hours of the library. Reserved books are allowed to be borrowed for overnight use from Monday to Thursday only.
  1. Theses, special projects, dissertations, journals, magazines, newspapers, clippings, non-book materials, electronic resources (e.g. books, journals, maps, portable document format, flash media, audio, moving images, videos, still images installed/saved/formatted in CDs, DVDs, external hard drive, and other similar portable devices that require the use of computers and compatible equipment) and reference books such as encyclopedias, yearbooks, dictionaries, almanacs, atlases, gazetteers, government publications, bibliographies, , directories and indexes are strictly for library use only.
  1. Posters, maps, globes maybe borrowed for classroom use and should be returned on the same day on the same condition. A fine of Php 20.00 per day per material will be charged for violation of this guideline.
  1. Lost, misplaced or damaged book and other reference materials should be reported immediately to the librarian to prevent fines, but must be replaced with the same title within one week. However, if the material to be replaced is no longer available within the allowable period, then it can be replaced with an updated edition, and subjected for approval by the Campus Librarian/Library-in-Charge.
  1. When availing the intra-library loan services, campus librarian of the home campus of the borrower must be notified first as to the current status of his/her circulation account. All borrowed library resources from other campus libraries will be entered under his record in the home branch and in the other campus libraries as well. The item borrowed will be put under the rotating collection and additional note shall be made on the item record. Further, the item will be tagged as transferred to the home library of the borrower. If he/she has already borrowed the maximum number of library resources, he/she will be notified to return library resources in excess in his/her home campus on the following working day. When returning the library resource, the library customer has the option to return it in his/her home campus or to return it to the campus where he/she borrowed the item.