The library is of utmost importance to students and faculty since it is the source of intellectual advancement in an institution. The URS Main Library is located at the ground floor of the Administration Building. In 1998, the book collection was housed in its respective institutes namely, IAS, ICEM, IAAGEN, IEHT and IFEM until early 2000. The High School and Grade School Library is separated from the Main Building, housed in the left wing of Elementary Department, near the Principals Office. In June 2001, the Institute Library was integrated to the Main Library which now holds its library holdings. The main Library is now undergoing collection development including technical services, readers services, periodical services, and reference services. The Filipiniana and Foreign books are now housed in separate section, Periodical Section and General Circulation has its own area at the left portion of the Main Library. The operation of the URS Library is under the supervision of very approachable and accomodating two library personnel.