CSC, URS Hold Consultation

To empower government agencies, the Philippine Civil Service Commission (CSC) helps develop agencies human resource management competencies, systems and practices.

This goal is being achieved thru the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME – HRM) which integrates and enhances the Personnel Management Assessment and Assistance Program (PMAAP) and the CSC Agency Accreditation Program.

Thru an assessment tool, human resource professionals are being aided in analyzing the health of their human resource management systems in the agencies and in determining the corrective actions that should be taken.

Special focus is given on the evaluation of the maturity level of URS through Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) for URS. A dialogue with CSC Rizal Field Director Allan Carmona was therefore held in this regard. The consultation was held on March 4 – 5. The University Planning and Management Teams (PMT) for non-teaching personnel and the faculty together with campus PMT chairpersons were present in the dialogue.