The University RDEP championed its 2023 Guided Exploratory Learning cum Capability Enhancement Program last July 26-27, 2023 at the Southern Luzon State University and Bukid Amara in the Province of Quezon. The event is believed to serve exploratory and expository opportunities for the RDEP Prime movers to see commendable and best practices of other SUC and external stakeholders in terms of their research, extension, production, and other significant functions. GEL-CEP is also believed to have strengthened the desire and drive among the lead persons of the RDEP Division in effecting change in the delivery of their responsibilities.

The activities from Day 1 to Day 2 is pioneered by the leading of Vice President Marites M. Rio with the active support and participation of all the unit lead persons with Dr. Niclie L. Tiratira, Director of Research and Development, Dr. Fe Esperanza T Mateo, Director for Extension, Dr. Leo C. Rio, Director for Production, Prof. Jerry Esperanza, Head, SANRI, Engr. Maribeth Esteva, Head, EEBRC, Dr. Marissa Regalario, Head, USC, Prof. Eugene Sf Tia, Head, FARSL, Engr. Roy Andrada, Head, MHPTTC, Engr. Jane Maranion, Head, RDCHIME, and all the support staff as framed by the cohesive moves of Ryan Guinto, Feligia Amabel Cruz, and Cleofas Ramiro. The RDEP team players joined by the company of Dr. Jocelyn L. Gagalang, Director, Office of Public Affairs, and Dr. Winnie P. Masinsin, Head, Office of Gender and Development, and their staff were warmly welcomed by Pres. Doracie Z. Nantes, VP Marissa Esperal of REPDI, Dr. Ric Guinto of Research and Development, and so with Prof. Arcelie Obmerga, OIC Director for Extension, Dr. Nona Nagares of ITSO, and the rest of the personnel from Southern Luzon State University. The team’s stay over the night at Batis Aramin was highlighted with the Capacity Enhancement Program where activities strengthened the bond and the understanding of the personnel of what it means to say cohesiveness and productivity in the name of service. Day 2 provided the RDEP Team players the opportunity to see Bukid Amara as a haven in the name of Agri-Tourism. Mr. Michael Caballes, its owner, has candidly toured and provided substantial information sharing and sort of cliniquing among all the GEL-CEP participants.

Indeed, the 2023 Guided Exploratory Learning is a positive step towards sustained flexibility, productivity, and empowerment for all the operational units of the RDEP Division in particular and the University of Rizal System in general. The two-day event proved that URS as an institution adheres to standard goals that include increased efficiency, revenue, and customer and employee satisfaction.