Title Author Year
Q 335 .L85 Artificial intelligence:
Structure and Strategic for Complex Problem Solving
Luger, George F. 2009
QA 76.903 .P393 Introduction to Oracle Database
11g Programming
Pepito, Copernicus 2011
QA 76.9 .H63 Modern Systems Analysis and
Hoffer, Jeffrey 2010
QA 76.76.H94 Web Applications Programming
HF 5548.4.W356 Microsoft Office for Windows
for Dummies
Wallace, wang 1996
QA 76.8.P63 Macs for Dummies Pogue, Daniel 1993
QA 76.15.M6649 Illustrated Dictionary of
Minhas,Davinder 2009
QA 76.7.L68 Programming Language and Design Valasich, Joseph 2012
TX 911.3.S9437 Human Resource Management: a
Textbook for the Hospitality Industry
Sudhir, Andrews 2010
D 21.A716 World History for Filipino
Ariston, Angelica 2011
DS 668.H173 Philippine History Halili,Ma.Christine 2004
KF 5616.7.F69 The labor
Foz, Vicente V. 1995
HD 30.4.S26 Practice, Concepts and
Principles of management
Santos, Emmanuel 2005
TX 833.5.L54 Cooking Light 1996
LB 1765.L645 Let: Comprehensive Reviewer
Based on NCBTS and table of Specification(TOS) TLE.
HG 3314.M57 Essentials of Money Credit and
Miranda 2004
HF 5415.127.N37 The Power of Unpopular: a Guide
to Building your Brand for the Audience who will love you.
Napoletano, Erika 2012
HG 4521.F8134 Ants: Using Alternative and
Non-Traditional Investments to Allocate your Assits
in an Uncertain World.
Froehlich, Robert J. 2011
HD 9971.E544 Reinventing Giants: How Chinese
Global Competitor Hair has Changed the way big companies Transform.
Fischer, Bill 2013
HD 70.P37 Rough Diamonds: the Four Trails
of Successful Breakout Firms in BRIC Countries.
Park, Suing Ho. 2013
HG 3701.M345 Endgami: the end of the Debt Supercycle and how it Changes Everything. Mauldin, john 2011
HG 4028.R5825 Determination of Value:
Appraisal Guidance on developing and Supporting a Credible Opinion.
Rosilio, Francisco 2013
HG 5129.W37 The Devils casino: Friendship,
Betrayal, and the High-Stakes Games Played Inside Lehman Brothers.
Ward, Vicky 2010
Z 52.5.O23 Microsoft Word 2000 for Gregg
College Keyboarding and Documents Processing Lessons 1-20
Ober, Scott 2006
PQ 2611.S622 Le Chemin
de Retour
Siskin, Jay H. 2011
HF 5415.S755 Launch: how to Quickly propel
your Business beyond the Competition
Stelzner, Michael A. 2011
HG 540.V53 The Day after Dolar Crashes: a Survival guide for the rise of the new
World Order.
Vickers, damon 2011
HD 9696.2.E45 Leading Apple with Steve Jobs:
management Lessons from a Controversial Genius
Elliot, Jay 2012
HD 58.8.S355 Leading Business Change for
Schlachter, Christina T. 2012
HD 69.N53 The Profitable Consultant:
Starting, Growing, and Selling your Expertise
Nibleck, Jay 2013
BF 619.G43 The 3 Power Values: how
commitment, Integrity, and Transforming Clear the Roadblocks to Performance
Gebler, David 2012
HD 9980.5.S357 Professional Services Marketing:how the Best Firms
Build Premier Brands, Thriving Lead generation Engines, and Cultures of
business Development Success.
Schultz, Mike 2013
HF 5415.32.L38 Business Analytics for sales
and Marketing Managers: how to Compete in the Information Age,
HG 4026.B589 Foundation of Financial Managemnt Block, Stanley 1989
HM 1196.H64 Invisible Influence: the Power
to Persuade Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
Hogan, Kevin 2013
HM 1211.C68 Say Anything to Anyone,
Anywhere: 5 Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Communication
Cotton, Gayle 2013
HF 5351.S43 Business Ferrell, D.C 2011
HG 4521.T319 Debts, Defecits
and the Demise of the American Economy
Tanous, Peter J 2011
HF 5386.M828 Get Lucky: how to put Planned
Serendipity to Work for you and your Business.
Muller, Thor 2012
HD 30.28.K335 Getting Innovation Right: how
Leaders Beverage Inflection Points to drive Success.
KahanSith 2013
HD 9710.184 Mondo Agraelli:
Fiat, Chrpler, and the Power of a Dynasty.
Clark, Jennifer 2011
HB 615.L275 The Good Fail: Entrepreneurial
Lessons from the

Rise and fall of Microworks,

Latman, Richard 2012
AG 243.H37 The Book of tails Harrison, Ian 2006
QH 76.76.O63 Microsoft Windows Internals:
Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000
Russinovich, Mark E. 2005
QA 76.64.N67 Object-Oriented Systems
Analysis and Design
Norman, Ronald G. 1996
HB 615.A837 Entrepreneurship in the
Philippine Setting.
AsorWinifreda 2009
TX951.D653 Coctails Dosser, Linda 2002
TX 5105.888.B69 CGI Programming in C& Perl Boutel, Thomas 1996
QA 76.76.H94 Inside Dynamic HTML Isaacs, Scott 1997
QA 76.76.L83 Pro HTML.5 Programming Lubbers, Peter 2011
QA 76.9.S73 Computer Organization and Archietcture Stalling, William
PQ 8897.N433 El Filibusterismo Nem, Singh, Rosario 2016
QA 76.73.H35 Fundamentals of Ctt Programming Halterman,Ricgard 1995
TK 5105.875 Exploring the Internet Sanford, Elive 1995
LB 1060.L3331 Facilitating Learning: a
Metacognitive Process
Lucas, Maria Rita 2014
AE 5.W55 Sets of World Book Encyclopedia 2014
HG 179.V45 How to Speak Money: the
language and Knowledge you need now
Velchi, Ali 2012