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To be able to cater to the changes and development taking place in the academic and technical activities of the University

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The library promotes and maintains quality services which supports the University’s philosophy and objectives as well as the academic, technical and research programs of the University

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The University of Rizal System (URS) Taytay Library is tasked to support the mission and vision of the University in providing quality education to studentry of Rizal Province..

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Specific Objectives

The library strives to improve its services and facilities. Specifically, it aims to :

1. acquire books and other materials of current edition (not later than 10 years)

2. organize these materials according to the Library of Congress ( LC) Classification Scheme for easy access and retrieval.

3. encourage resource sharing with other libraries and agencies. develop (criteria) and implement criteria for selection and acquisition of books, gifts and donations as well its preservation. serve as well as preserve library materials.