Student Services


THE CALL. Campus alumni presidents make a courtesy call to President
Canapi. The presidents of URS alumni associations of the different campuses
convened at the Office of Public Affairs, URS – Morong on April 11.

Student Development Services

The Office of Student Development Services works towards the promotion of
wholesome and productive student life while they are being developed in the confines of the
Campus. Several student services complement the nurturing and development of the students’
full potentials. The following summarizes the services and activities being maintained and
accorded the students while they are still within the university premises.
Guidance and Placement Services. Entrance examination, screening and admission
of new, transfer and old students were held. Guidance and counseling services, orientation to
new students, individual student inventory, PESO Seminar and Job Fair were held.
Medical Services. Free physical and medical services were provided to students. X-ray
was conducted. The Unit also caters to community health needs particularly first aid treatment
and referrals.
Library Services. Students were provided with specific reference and information
needed. They serve URS and visiting students. and issued some of the library cards.
Student Welfare Assistance. This is a financial assistance scheme being afforded to
students who meet accidents or death on school-related incidents.
Sports and Athletics. One of the features of the school offerings is the promotion of
physical health. By engaging in sports and athletics, this objective is being attained. This is
further enhanced with the student joining local, regional and national competitions.
Publications. For information and dissemination and preservation, several publications
in tabloid, broad and newsletter form and literary folio are being published.