Republic of the Philippines
Taytay Campus
(Through Donation) ASIA FOUNDATION INC.
Author Call Number Title Year
Wu, C. Thomas For QA76.64 W78a An introduction to object-oriented programming with Java 2010
Olsen, William P. For HF5387.5.U6 O47t The anti-corruption handbook : how to protect your business in the global marketplace 2010
Richard, Christine S. For HG4538.52  R53c Confidence game : how a hedge fund manager called Wall Street’s bluff 2010
Ward, Vicky For HG5129.N5 W37t The devil’s casino : friendship, betrayal and the high-stakes games played inside Lehman Brothers 2010
Ferrell, O. C. For HF1008 F413b Business 2011
Vickers, Damon For HG540 V663d The day after the dollar crashes : a survival guide for the rise of the new world order 2011
Spira, Jonathan B. For HD30.2 S686o Overload! : how too much information is hazardous to your organization 2011
For HJ8015 C47 Chipping away at public debt : sources of failure and keys to success in fiscal adjustment 2011
Stelzner, Michael A. For HF5415 S755L Launch : how to quickly propel your business beyond the competition 2011
Tanous, Peter J. For HG4521 T319d Debts, deficits, and the demise of the American economy 2011
Mauldin, John For HG3701 M345e Endgame : the end of the debt supercycle and how it changes evrything 2011
Laursen, Gert H. N. For HF5415.32 L38b Business analytics for sales and marketing managers : how to compete in the information age 2011
Froelich, Robert J. For HG4521 F8134a ANTS : using alternative and non-traditional investment to allocate your assets in an uncertain world 2011
Schlachter, Christina T. For HD58.8 S355L Leading business change fr dummies 2012
Cholle, Francis P. For BF315.5 C45t The intuitive compass : why the best decisons balance reasons and instinct 2012
Gobler, David For BF619 G43t The 3 power values : how commitment, integrity, and transparency clear the roadblocks to performance 2012
Webman, Jerry A. For HG4529.5 W433m Moneyshift : how to prosper from what you can’t control 2012
Clark, Jennifer For HD9710.184 C477m Mondo Agnelli : fiat, chrysler, and a power of a dynasty 2012
Velshi, Ali For HG179 V45h How to speak money :the language and knowledge you need to know 2012
Napoletano, Erika For HF5415.127 N37p The power of unpopular : a guide to building your brand for the audience who will love you (and why no one else matters) 2012
Muller, Thor For HF5386 M828g Get lucky : how to put planned serendipity to work for you and your business 2012
Biggs, Barton For HG4530 B5153d Diary of a hedgehog : Bigg’s final words on the markets 2012
Rahemtulla, Karim For HG4538 R24w Where in the world should I invest : an insider’s guide to making money around the globe 2012
Elliot, Jay For HD9696.2.U62 E45 Leading Apple with Steve Jobs : management lessons from a controversial genius 2012
Latman, Richard Keith For HB615 L275g The good fail : entrpreneurial lessons from the rise and fall of Microworkz 2012
Barows, Ed For HD589 B37m Managing performance in turbulent times : analytics and insight 2012
Stein, Benjamin For HG4529.5 S717h How to really ruin your financial life and portfolio 2012
Underwood, Jim For HD38.7 Un2c Competitive intelligence for dummies 2013
Crowder, Garry B. For HG4521 C869 Postmodern investment : facts and fallacies of growing wealth in a multi-asset world 2013
URS Taytay Campus
List of New Acquisitions (Donation)
Author Call Number Title Year
Savar, Avi For HF5414 S378c Content to commerce engaging consumers across paid, owned and earned channels 2013
Niblick, Jay For HD69.66 N53 The profitable consultant : starting, growing and selling your expertise 2013
Schultz, Mike For HD9980.5 S357p Professional service marketing : how best firms build premier brands, thriving lead generation engines, and culture of business development success 2013
Biegelman, Martin T. For HV6691 B4738f Faces of fraud : cases and lessons from a life fighting fraudsters 2013
Park, Seung Ho For HD70.D44 P37r Rough diamonds : the four traits of successful breakout firms in BRIC countries 2013
Fischer, Bill For HD9971.5.E544 F3594r Reinventing giants : how Chinese global competitor Haier has changed the way big companies transform 2013
Rosillo, Francisco For HG4028.V3 R5825d Determination of value : appraisal guidance on developing and supporting a credible opinion 2013
Stanzione, Vince For BF3637.S8 S687t The millionaire dropout : fire your boss do what you love reclaim your life 2013
Clifford, Christine For HF5438.25 C55L Let’s close a deal : turn contacts into paying customers for your company, product, service or cause 2013
Kotler, Philip For HF5415 K6249m Market your way to growth : 8 ways to win 2013
Feld, Brad For HB615 F453s Start up life : surviving and thriving in a relationship with an entrepreneur 2013
Kohan, Seth For HD30.28 K335g Getting innovation right : how leaders leverage inflection points to drive success 2013
Hogan, Kevin For HM1196 H64i Invisible influence : the power to persuade anyone, anytime, anywhere 2013
Miller, Don For HG466 M55c Chronicles of a million dollar trader : my road, valleys and peaks to final trading victory 2013
Cotton, Gayle For HM1211 C68s Say anything to anyone, anywhere : 5 keys to successful cross-cultural communication 2013
Malham, Jr., Howell J. For HD30.28 M333i I have a strategy (no you don’t) : the illustrated guide to strategy 2013
Fritz, Mark For HD577 F7556L Lead and influence : get more ownership, commitment, and achievement from your team 2014
Green, Alexander For HG220.3 G737a An embarassment of riches : tapping into the world’s greatest legacy of wealth 2014