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or Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly-Operated Kiosk Station is the first digital science library. It intends to serve as information access portals in key areas in the Philippines.It contains digitized science and technology resources in various formats (text and video/audio)

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The Journal of Management for Global Sustainability


is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted exclusively to the publication of original research in the field of management and global sustainability. Global sustainability is the broad set of interconnected issues that encompass, but are not limited to, achieving environmental preservation, social entrepreneurship, poverty eradication, social justice, desirable production and consumption patterns, species preservation, and spiritually rich lives at this time in our species’ history on this planet. The journal publishes articles on how productive enterprises contribute to realizing and achieving global sustainability to create socially just and spiritually-whole ways for all species to thrive forever.

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Kritika Kultura


Addresses issues relevant to the 21st century: language, literature and cultural policy, cultural politics of representation, the political economy of language, literature and culture, pedagogy, language teaching and learning, critical citizenship, the production of cultural texts, audience reception, systems of representation, effects of texts on concrete readers and audiences, the history and dynamics of canon formation, gender and sexuality, ethnicity, diaspora, nationalism and nationhood, national liberation movements, identity politics, feminism, women’s liberation movements, and postcolonialism. Source: http://journals.ateneo.edu/ojs/kk/about

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