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Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture Major in: Animal Science / Agricultural Education / Agronomy
Master of Science in Agriculture Major in: Animal Husbandry / Crop Science /Agribusiness Management
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Major in: Crop Protection / Horticulture / Animal Science / Agronomy
Bachelor of Science in Forestry Major in : Agro-forestry
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science Major in: Resource Management
Bachelor of Agricultural Technology Concentration: Animal Production Technology / Crop Production Technology / Post Harvest Technology
Bachelor of Science in Business Management Major in: Marketing Management / Banking and Finance
Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management
Bachelor of Arts Major in: English / Political Science
Bachelor of Science in Office Administration Major in: Computer Secretarial / Office Management
Bachelor of Science Major in: Biology / Mathematics / Psychology / Tourism
Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in: English / Mathematics / General Science / Physical Education / Filipino / Computer Education / Technology and Home Economics
Bachelor of Elementary Education
Bachelor of Home Technology
Diploma in Home Technology
Diploma in Computer Secretarial
Diploma in Agricultural Technology
Diploma in Agro-forestry
Certificate of Professional Education
Short -Term Courses related to Agriculture and Forestry